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Community can be defined in various ways. At DataNexus we breakdown our involvement into these categories:

  • Technology Collaboration
  • Rural Community Building
  • Philanthropic Donations

DataNexus tries to be involved in speaking engagements, forums, and process sharing with partners to develop better solutions for everyone. We have collaborated on multiple projects for the betterment of other organizations. Some of this work is shared on our blog case studies and media, but most is done in forums and side-conversations. We love open-source and collaboration in those communities helps everyone!

Living rural does not mean "less" and one of our main goals is to bring the rural community together and get them the resources they need to be stronger. We do much of our work with TechSTART, and are involved with expanding the local tech sector opportunities to include remote and rural options. We also work closely with the education sector in both Fremont and Park County. In Fremont, we are working with the local high school internship placement in STEAM and PTECH areas of alignment. (PTECH is a grant that pays for two years of college at Pueblo Community College!) This effort is directly through the TechSTART partnership above. In Park County, we volunteer teaching and technology resources to a small charter school in our community. Guffey Community Charter School serves a small group of rural children, and is extremely important to our community.

As a company, our 2021 promise is to match employee contributions to St Jude Children's Research Hospital and Wounded Warrior Project.

DataNexus Community Goals

Our mission, "to make it easier for people to bring together data from disparate sources in a secure and compliant manner, enabling analysis in near-real time," is centered around our goals to improve community. At the core, we hold the most value in shaping the world around us through service. If you would like to be involved in any of our community projects, please contact us!