Why did we build DataNexus?

Why DataNexus

Current solutions all focus on data only in their systems. There is no thought to access controls outside each app scope, no ability to filter and mask for risk items without expensive commercial tools.

When solutions are built on outdated models, it makes reporting difficult, there is a challenge to move data between formats, and distributed data systems cannot be leveraged.

There are big challenges of use to overcome for hyper-converged infrastructure and cloud.

There is a lack of usability, automation, governance, and operational infrastructure intelligence that require deep and expensive expertise.

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ESCAPE Conference 2019: Leveraging Hybrid Clouds -- Eddie Satterly, Amar.ai & DataNexus

Leveraging Hybrid Clouds

This session focuses on the use of private and public clouds as well as container technologies to pick the right tool for the right job. We walk through technical details of how to determine how and where your workloads should run. We also cover the monitoring, management and security components to make sure this all runs in top form.e